Photo Editor, Narratively Inc.

I have been the Photo Editor at Narratively since the spring of 2016. Narratively is a revolutionary storytelling platform that looks for extraordinary untold stories about people who might otherwise be overlooked by the national media. We publish reported stories, memoirs, photo essays, comics and documentary video pieces, all with a sharply original element. Narratively has been named one of Columbia Journalism's 11 Best Experiments in Journalism in 2016, Picture of the Year International's Best Website in 2014, and one of TIME Magazine's picks for the 50 Best Websites of 2013. Below is an example of some of the stories that I have overseen as a Photo and Copy Editor.

Getting Hooked on the Weird and Wonderful World of Body Suspension

Welcome to Moonlight Rollerway, Where Nothing Has Changed Since 1956

Getting High on Cactus and Chasing Away Evil with the Shamans of the Black Lagoon

I was Kidnapped in the Middle East in 2013. Last Week I Returned For The First Time.

The Millennials of Afghanistan Have Never Known a World Without War. So Why Are They So Hopeful?

In America, Owning Your Own Land Doesn't Mean That You Can Stop the Oil Companies From Ruining It

The Jamaican Dance Style Keeping Brooklyn Kids Off the Street

This Football Team Is Made Up Entirely of Refugees

How Trump Seduced the White Working Class by Preying on their Physical Pain

Meet the Podcasters Bringing Alcoholic Anonymous Into The Digital Age

The Camera That's Flipping the Stereotypes of Fatherhood Upside Down